Chitrali Rishta In Pakistan

The people of Chitral commonly known as “Kho”. The Kho are an Indo-Aryan tribes belong to Dardistan region and usually speak Khowar language. Many Kho people live in the Chitral District of Pakistan and other live in Jammu and Kashmir, India and the Badakhshan region of Afghanistan. On the other hand the Chitrali people are a smaller cultural group from the Chitral District of Pakistan, and the forerunner princely state.

The Kho people are mostly Sunni Muslims and do the marriages of their girls and boys in their own Kho cast which makes problematic it for them to find the best suitable proposals of their children Chitrali cast. A large number of Chitrali and Kho people are also settled in other areas of Pakistan but commonly belongs to Chitral. Mostly the Kho or Chitrali people find the spouses for their girls and boys in the Chitrali cast which makes it challenging and they face problems in searching the good rishtas for their girls and boys.

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